Why PaperManager


Managing paper purchases with suppliers and paper inventory with printers, can be a daunting task, especially with multiple vendors. PaperManager simplifies the process by creating a user-friendly interface to place orders directly with your suppliers following a process flow familier to many paper buyers. Our Developers regularly add new features and integrations to PaperManager, responding to changing customer's needs and evolving industry trends.


When outsourcing any part of the production process, you need a reliable service provider. Go2Paper takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service. Once you're up and running with PaperManager, our experienced team of support staff is available by phone or email and will always respond in a timely manner. Attracting new customers means providing exemplary service for our current customers.


Building and maintaining your own order and inventory management system can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. With PaperManager there's no set up fee, just a low monthly fee and you and all of your vendors gain 24/7 access. PaperManager streamlines the ordering process and improves the inventory management so you spend less in paper and get more work done in less time and with less manpower.


PaperManager is a cloud-based online solution, easily accessible from any browser-enabled device. All you need is an internet connection. No installations, no new hardware, no hassles.


PaperManager is always available online from any web browser. With redundant servers, be assured you will always have access to your information, day and night and All data is securely backed upon a daily basis. Access to your account is password protected. Vendors may only view orders that are directed to them.


No Need to change your printers or suppliers: just inform Go2Paper which vendors you work with and they will be provided with access to PaperManager. Many of the major printers and suppliers already have access to PaperManager, so setup is simple. You decide who gets access to your account and we'll set it up, usually on the same day.

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