Seamless collaboration with your Printers and Suppliers: submit orders, receive shipping manifests and invoices, and manage usage and inventory information

Clear visibility of all print and paper purchases and order status

Improve usage efficiency by having immediate and accurate inventory figures

Collaborate with colleagues on orders reducing costs/time in phone calls and emails

Spend less time creating spreadsheets


Printing formats to calculate the contract quantity needed for each print project

Eliminate paper order mistakes with predefined order forms and paper calculators

Receive shipping manifests, receipts, and usage data electronically eliminating manual entry

Orders and invoices may be sent electronically to your ERP system

Real-time inventory tracking by plant


All vendors will have visibility of your orders

Receive invoices directly from your suppliers

Receive LDC reminders and order confirmations via email

Receive Chain of Custody Certificates from your Suppliers and Printers on Order Confirmations

Chain of Custody Tracking :

Selling Paper? :