PaperManager has assembled a seasoned team of paper industry veterans along with the development skills to enable the company to quickly adapt to their customers' growing requirements, while at the same time closely following the industry standards and leading the way with innovative technology.

With over 25 years in the printing and technology industry, Michael combines sales and management experiences while working for printing giant RR Donnelley, along with technology stints with encryption and e-commerce companies. Since founding the Company in 1999, Michael has been responsible for the strategic direction and customer interface with one goal in mind " to build value by creating paper management solutions that streamline the order process and inventory management, thus reducing costs for the paper buyer. Michael earned his BA in Economics from Amherst College.


Many companies have found that developing a technology for the paper industry is no easy task. But with Dave Kettmann as VP Development, the paper management company continues to exceed our customers' expectations. Dave's unique experiences from designing/developing interactive demos to ASP, .NET, SQL, and XML coding, provides the company with the ability to tackle any project. Dave leads the development team with a focus on learning how customers want to interact with technology, making sure the process is as fluid as possible. Dave earned his BS in Graphic Design from San Jose State University with Graduate Studies in Computer Science.

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