October 9, 2017

PubWorX Joins Growing Ranks of PaperManager Subscribers

PubWorX, a magazine publisher production, procurement, and circulation service provider, recently announced they will soon be using Go2Paper's PaperManager to manage its paper ordering and inventory.
Paper is a significant portion of every print budget, and PaperManager simplifies the process of ordering and tracking inventory. The PaperManager cloud-based platform saves companies the cost of building and maintaining proprietary software and allowing for real time, e-transactions with vendors, reducing time spent on data entry.
"Since we manage the printing for two of the largest magazine media companies in the US, as well as many other publishers, it is essential to partner with a proven and widely accepted technology; we found that in PaperManager," said Craig DeRusha, PubWorX's Vice President of Paper.
"PubWorX helps us push the envelope as to how far we can improve the print production process," says Michael Conran, Go2Paper's CEO. "Everyone benefits by sharing ideas on how to drive more supply chain efficiencies."
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