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Go2Paper Launches PaperManager™ 4.0
PaperManager Provides Chain of Custody Tracking
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Welcome to PaperManager™

Managing your paper purchases with your suppliers, and your paper inventory with printers, can be a daunting task — especially when you use more than one vendor.  PaperManager simplifies the process by creating a very user friendly interface for you to place orders directly with your suppliers following a process flow familiar to many paper buyers.

Using PaperManager, paper buyers for retailers, catalogers, magazine and book publishers gain better control and visibility of their paper purchases. Collaborate online with printers and suppliers to place paper orders from any web browser. Easily forecast orders, providing your vendors a clear picture of what's ahead. Issue POs directly to your suppliers and once the paper arrives at the printing plant, the paper receipt and usage data is entered, providing you clear visibility of the inventory remaining. Better management of your paper inventory means reducing the amount of paper you have to purchase, saving you thousands of dollars.

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In order to gain access to PaperManager, you must first register on, which is our online marketplace. Don't worry, there is no cost to register on Go2Paper, but you may find it a valuable tool to sell your excess paper or find great deals on quality paper.

Once you are registered on Go2Paper and you require access to PaperManager, contact us and if you are approved, we will provide you access.

If you are already registered on Go2Paper, you don't need to register again.